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Calculating economic loss & damage for the legal community

Since 1979 | Serving the Western U.S. from Seattle, WA

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We are a leading litigation economics consulting firm specializing in quantitating and illustrating economic damages.

In addition to economic analysis, we also provide expert witness testimony and complex litigation support. We evaluate each case individually and provide the analysis needed to substantiate present and future economic losses.

Economic Consulting Services

We work with attorneys and litigation firms nationwide to provide forensic economic consulting services. Our expert analysis helps to prove both valuation and damages in a variety of legal cases. Economic consulting is critical to achieving desired outcomes in both settlements and trial verdicts. We can help with business valuation, calculating expectation damages, and provide economic expert witness services at trial. Eric Knowles has provided invaluable expert testimony in numerous high-profile cases spanning decades. 

Should I hire a forensic accountant or forensic economist?

“We have been providing professional economic consulting services to the legal community since 1979. We have worked on behalf of thousands of attorneys in over a dozen states and Canada, providing expert witness testimony in both federal and state venues.”

— Eric Knowles