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Areas of Practice

At The Knowles Group, we’re one of the top economic consulting firms in the U.S. and have testified in multiple state and federal courtrooms on behalf of both plaintiff and defense.

We have over ten years of experience helping our clients determine economic damages and loss of earnings calculations as expert forensic economic witnesses.

Our Expert Witness Services

We’re dedicated to delivering insightful, accurate, and objectively-based economic analysis with particular experience in the following areas:

Personal Injury & Accident Claims

In such accident cases where catastrophic damage, personal injury, or loss of life are involved, a forensic economist can help paint a more complete picture of the past, present, and future financials of the individual who was injured or killed.

Many accident victims will require decades or even a lifetime of medical care. An economist can provide the present value of these future medical bills, which can run into the millions or tens of millions of dollars.

An injured person can face medical bills as well as wage loss, resulting in significant debt. It’s essential to accurately determine damages and other economic losses to ensure their future health and security.

Our accident claims testimony services include personal injury, maritime, worksite accidents, motor vehicle, and the construction trades, to name just a few.

Medical Malpractice Claims

Medical injuries stemming from medical malpractice cases can be devastating for individuals. Their injuries can require years, decades, or even a lifetime of expensive medical treatment. They may no longer be able to provide for themselves or their family members.

We’ve helped countless plaintiffs and defendants with determine medical economic damages. We can provide economic damage calculations to determine the past and future losses to the individual.

If your client has suffered from an injury due to an accident or medical negligence, give us a call. At The Knowles Group, we’ve helped our clients accurately determine economic damage calculations and have provided expert witness testimony in depositions and federal and state courts of law.

Toxic Tort Cases

We have been retained on many matters where individuals have suffered from a toxic tort such as chemical, radioactive, hazmat, or asbestos exposure. Our decades of experience will enable us to get a very accurate picture of the overall financial status of the injured party pre and post-incident.

We will help determine the loss of earnings and household services, as well as the cost of present and future medical care. This is very important as toxic torts such as mesothelioma require expensive treatment and have a high fatality rate.

We have worked on many asbestos and mesothelioma cases over the years and have the experience and know-how to provide convincing expert witness testimony.

Employment Law Cases

If you’re involved in an employment dispute, there are several elements of the case that could require the services of an expert employment witness. We’ve testified as an expert forensic economist in many employment-related cases and can help perform wage loss and other economic damage assessments.

From sexual harassment to discrimination and hostile work environments, we can help you or your clients determine past  and future income losses as well as assess complicated economic damages. Over the past ten years, we’ve testified in federal and multiple state courts throughout the U.S.

Business Valuation & Lost Profits

At The Knowles Group, we have the ability to become an expert in the business of our clients in a very short period of time. In addition to reviewing documents and public records, we’ll come to a complete understanding of how a business or partnership worked over the years to successfully evaluate it from a financial perspective.

We will get to know even the most niche of markets as we uncover the economic supply and demand of the business. As an expert business loss witness, we think on our feet and can dispute our counterpart’s assertions and explain in easy-to-understand terms why we feel that the opposing expert opinions are incorrect, exaggerated, or unsubstantiated.

This is what sets The Knowles Group apart. Our decades of experience have given us the unique ability to not only provide expert opinions based upon scientific economic principles but convincingly testify in a court of law. We’re familiar with many experts in various fields and have strategies and counter-strategies that we can use to make our testimony more convincing.

Real Estate Disputes

Assessing the value and income potential of the business or building that was involved in a fire or other real estate dispute requires the expert services of a forensic economist. We offer expert real estate witness testimony in both state and federal venues. We have over ten years of experience and have testified in multiple states across the U.S.

In addition to his qualifications as an expert forensic economist, Eric Knowles has many years of experience in the real estate market. This uniquely positions him to offer expert real estate economic witness testimony and advice in depositions, courtrooms, and to his clients. Through his experience, Eric can help refute and diminish the credibility of his counterparts who are testifying as expert witnesses for the other side.

Sexual Assault & Domestic Abuse

Various economic and non-economic damages must be determined to calculate the compensation owed to a plaintiff after suffering sexual assault or physical abuse. As forensic economists, we calculate the values of these damages with the aid and expertise of life care planners, vocational experts, forensic psychologists, and other professionals capable of providing pertinent non-economic damage evaluations. Additionally, in some cases, the claimant has the right to pursue punitive damages from defending parties.

Child Abuse & Neglect

When analyzing child abuse and neglect cases, we offer our expert opinion regarding future loss of earnings, fringe benefits, lost earning capacity, future cost of care, and other factors. We work closely with other professionals such as vocational experts, life care planners, and psychological forensics to ensure our reports are highly accurate and informed to provide the greatest level of support possible to our clients and their unique cases.