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Portland Oregon Forensic Economist

We provide litigation consulting, expert witness testimony & economic damage calculation services for our clients in Portland and throughout Oregon

Based in Seattle, WA, The Knowles Group has decades of experience advising plaintiffs and defendants with our forensic economic services throughout Oregon. We work closely with both private entities and the U.S. government to provide economic analysis in a range of legal cases. We plan to have a prosperous future of continued retention in Oregon while continuing to build our reputation as one of the leading economic litigation support firms in the Pacific Northwest.

Professional Economic Consultant

Since 1979, The Knowles Group has provided preliminary damages estimates and case evaluations including medical malpractice, lost profits, and other forensic analyses. We can also provide pre-trial consultations and support upon request. As forensic economic consultants, we bring decades of experience working on legal cases throughout Oregon to your firm. Our services are available both on-site and virtually depending on your needs. Additionally, we’re available to travel to Portland or any other area of Oregon to serve as an expert economic witness at trial.

Legal Cases We’ve Worked On In Portland

Your firm can trust The Knowles Group to be the litigation consulting company you rely on for legal cases in Portland, OR. Our network of established expert witnesses and the vast legal resources available at our disposal will help to calculate and prove the economic damages of any claim.

Wrongful death matter of a 17-year-old High School student

Wrongful death matter of a 17-year-old High School student

My analysis included calculating the future net accumulation of savings (future earnings minus future personal spending) for the decedent. This involved presenting the most probable educational attainment, providing the statistical work-life expectancy based on age and education, correlating annual earnings capacity from this education level and deducting future personal spending, which is a negatively correlated to estimated earnings. Damage opinions included the present value of all future net accumulation to the estate as well as the critique of opinions from opposing economist.

Business Interruption losses caused by Construction Activity

Business Interruption losses caused by Construction Activity

A residential multi-family building was erected in Portland Oregon and a neighboring auto-repair business claimed business interruption and losses due to the claimant’s building experiencing settlement (due to construction) that ultimately rendered a portion of the business to be inoperable. My analysis included reviewing all profit and loss statements and tax returns for the auto-repair business, both before and after the subject incident and interruption. I projected what the business would have experienced in the way of revenues, expenses and net income based on previous years and compared it to the actual returns for the business subsequent to the events. My analysis also included projecting future losses if the business would have to close during construction to resolve any problems and disputes.

Employment related matter involving a physician and hostile work environment

Employment related matter involving a physician and hostile work environment

Due to the events and actions that occurred within the plaintiff’s work environment (hospital), the doctor found herself in a .5 full-time employment position or part-time. The plaintiff was not able to return to full-time work as a result of the incidents. My analysis included calculating the doctor’s remaining statistical work-life expectancy at the time of the subject incident, her pre-incident earnings capacity from past tax returns when she was working full-time and comparing that to her actual earnings capacity when transitioned to part-time. The doctor’s compensation was a complex formula involving overtime and on-call time along with bonuses and other fringe benefits. Estimated damages includes past compensation and fringe benefits as well as the present value of all future compensation (earnings, bonuses, healthcare and pension benefits).

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Expert Witness for Economic Damages

We will calculate economic damages and serve as an expert witness for legal cases in a variety of industries:

  • Commercial fishing accidents
  • Forestry / logging accidents
  • Farming / agricultural accidents
  • Machinery accidents
  • Medical malpractice claims
  • Personal injury & car accident injuries
  • Tourism accidents
  • Boating accidents
  • Employment disputes
  • Business valuation
  • Calculating lost profits
  • Real estate valuation

Contact The Knowles Group today to calculate the extent of your case’s economic damages. We’ll provide a complimentary case evaluation and help you determine the best way to approach litigation.