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The Knowles Group is one of the leading economic expert witness firms in the Pacific Northwest.  Our lenghty experience, track record and retention on over 1000 cases allows us to give you accurate responses and critiques to opposing case demands.  Both our flexibility and our experience allow us to help you assess opposing economic demands prior to settlement negotiation or mediation. 

Over the years we have found many of our clients began working with forensica accocunting experts and then after working with The Knowles Group continued using forensic economists to assess economic damages.   There is a signification distinction between between a forensic account and a forensic economist, and we feel this needs further clarification.  A forensic accountant’s main focus typically uses a more myopic lens, involving specific details such as information from P&L statements.  A forensic economist’s focus is on the bigger picture, with a typical scenario including all variables such as work-life expectancy, earnings trends and career arch. We are happy to discuss this topic further.  Feel free to email us at [email protected]