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Litigation consulting

We provide expert witness testimony in business loss and business valuation cases.

There are instances that may require our services without the need or want for formal retention or disclosure. Our flexibility and experience allow us to help you assess opposing economic demands prior to settlement negotiations or mediation. This can be as simple as a phone discussion of case variables or a quick review of damage estimates.

Our lengthy experience, track record, and retention on over 1,000 cases allows us to give you accurate responses and critiques to opposing demands after listening to a few factors of the case. We can provide you with a rough estimate of economic damages in the span of a few minutes or hours without authoring a report if this is something you desire.

A portion of our consulting work focuses on opposing deposition preparation. The majority of our clients ask us to prepare questions for opposing forensic witnesses. This can be an efficient use of your time when preparing for your deposition of the plaintiff and opposing vocational or economic experts.

Giving yourself an alternate perspective when walking into a deposition can lead to questions answered for the record that potentially would not have been brought up.

Testifying vs. Consultant Experts

Generally speaking, there are two different kinds of experts: testifying and consulting. The testifying expert opines his or her expertise in authored opinions, a court of law or deposition while the consulting expert will review materials, perform research and provide verbal opinions for the litigation team.

A testifying and consultancy expert are often one in the same person. All that differs is the formality of the agreement for the witness and how the opinions are received.

Sometimes an attorney will strategically hire a consultant, then designate them as an expert witness just prior to the deadline. This strategy is sometimes used to limit the opposing side’s access to a witness until the very last possible opportunity. In some situations, it can create confusion or doubt for the opposing side as they try to determine how many and which experts may be called to provide testimony.

What Types of Consulting Experts are There?

The various kinds of litigation consulting firms and experts are as numerous as the types of industries and jobs that are out there. For example, consulting experts can range from:

  • Construction consulting experts
  • Medical consulting experts
  • Legal consulting experts
  • Government consulting experts
  • Regulatory consulting experts

Each person has the requisite degrees, knowledge, and experience in their respective field(s) to provide qualified advice for the plaintiff or defense. Frequently, they are very familiar with opposing experts and can provide strategies to counter their arguments.

What Can a Litigation Consulting Expert Help With?

A litigation consulting expert can provide a wide range of valuable services to both plaintiff and defense, such as:


In many cases, attorneys are faced with complicated subject matter that they themselves may not fully understand. A litigation consulting expert can help shed light on complex concepts and abstract ideas.

For example, if an attorney is trying to determine whether or not to pursue a case against a manufacturer for a product defect, he or she may require the services of someone who understands the product and the systems, or lack thereof, that led to the defective product.

Or if a child was killed in a car accident, a forensic economist can help paint an accurate picture of what the future could have held for the him/her in terms of employment, salary, and benefits.

Helping with Discovery

Experts are brought in for discovery because sometimes the attorneys could miss something of great importance. They can advise the legal team where to begin and focus their research.

One of the best aspects of a litigation support specialist is that they have most likely worked on a case similar to yours. The experience and advice they offer are often invaluable. At The Knowles Group, we have provided expert advice and testimony in over 1,000 cases in our 30 years of existence.

We have the experience and know-how to help advise on complex forensic economic issues and break these concepts down into easy-to-understand terms that can help shed more light on the facts surrounding the case.

Determining Expert Witnesses

Litigation consultants can also help the legal team determine which expert witnesses will provide the most compelling and convincing testimony to back up their claims.

These experts could come from the same firm or be trusted referrals to individuals the consultants have successfully worked with prior. In many cases, the litigation consultant can sometimes turn into a testifying expert. This is due to how closely both fields are related and interchangeable.

Experimentation and Testing

This expert can also perform a series of tests related to his or her area of expertise that can help bolster the claims of the attorney he’s working for.

An example of this would be an engineering expert performing flammability and durability tests upon a Lithium-Ion battery that exploded while inside the phone of the client.

The expert could also look at the exploded battery and determine with reasonable certainty that the accident was caused by a manufacturer’s defect and not the consumer.

Evaluating Business Issues

In many cases, underlying business issues are at the core of a legal argument. An expert can assess and opine on whether or not the underlying issues have merit. They can use surveys, sampling, and other widely accepted methodologies to come to this determination.

Do you need to talk to a forensic economic litigation consultant? 

Litigation Consulting Experts

At The Knowles Group, we have over 30 years of helping our clients by providing expert forensic economic consulting and testimony in both federal and state courts. Our experience and expertise are unmatched as we use our extensive resources to uncover the facts through our forensic economic services.

We can help you assess opposing economic demands before negotiation or final settlement. We can do this in-person or hop on a phone call to discuss case particulars and quickly review damage estimates.

If you’re in need of a forensic economic litigation consultant, give us a call at (206) 860-9477 or contact us via our website. We will not only provide you with expert economic advice with regards to damages but can potentially give you a new perspective on your case that will allow you to come up with further questions during the trial or deposition.