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Our economic damage calculations & expert witness testimony services for legal cases are available in Salt Lake City and throughout Utah

The Knowles Group has over thirty years of experience providing economic services to the legal community. Initially, we supported defense clients with our economic analyses and expert testimony service. Today, we serve both plaintiffs and defendants alike. While our business has grown, we continue to work closely with the U.S. Government and other entities within the state. We look forward to continuing our services throughout Utah as one of the leading forensic economist firms in the country.

Partner with a Forensic Economist

Based in Seattle, WA, The Knowles group has decades of experience working with litigation teams in Utah. Through extensive record review, we provide preliminary economic damage estimates and case evaluations both on-site and remotely. We work closely with our clients to offer litigation consultation along with loss of earnings, lost profit, and other forensic economic analyses. Additionally, we’re available to travel to Salt Lake City or any other area of Utah to provide expert witness testimony at trial.

Legal Cases We’ve Worked On In Utah

The Knowles Group is your trusted forensic economic partner for legal cases in Salt Lake City, UT. Our established economic damage calculations and expert witness network will become an invaluable resource for your firm.

Loss of earnings, fringe benefits and future care services as a result of sexual assault

Loss of earnings, fringe benefits and future care services as a result of sexual assault

My analysis included a loss of earnings, fringe benefits, work-life expectancy and future care services. I estimated the plaintiff’s earnings capacity upon graduating with a bachelor’s degree from the age earnings data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and compared that to her actual earnings and assumed truncated work-life expectancy from the plaintiff’s independent medical evaluation. Two distinct loss scenarios were presented based on probable reductions in the plaintiff’s active work duration as a result of the assault. My analysis also included calculating the accompanying loss of fringe benefits (both health insurance and pension contributions) and the present value of recommended life care services over the course of the plaintiff’s life expectancy.

Loss of future earnings capacity and life care services as a result of childhood abuse

Loss of future earnings capacity and life care services as a result of childhood abuse

My analysis included projected earnings sourced from the age earnings data correlating to probable educational attainments from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Differing loss scenarios by educational outcomes had the abuse not occurred during childhood. The foundation for mitigating earnings was from the opinions of another expert who evaluated the plaintiff and placed future earnings constraints at no more than minimum wage. Damages also included loss components for health insurance (to be provided through employer) and a loss of pension contributions (defined contribution plan) from future employers. Finally, my office provided the present value of all future care needs for the plaintiff as a result of the abuse.

Loss of employment and earnings capacity as a result of an Assault

Loss of employment and earnings capacity as a result of an Assault

My damage analysis considered the inability of the plaintiff to return to the job of origin as a result of the incident. Damage components of loss included a past wage loss, the present value of lost future earnings capacity (supported by job of origin and age earnings data by education) offset by mitigating employment with significant limitations due to the assault. I estimated the plaintiff’s statistical work-life expectancy, the present value of future life care services for the plaintiff and the truncated active work duration due to PTSD and other mental/emotional impairments as a result of the assault. Future life care services are presented by a certified life care planner and require calculations based on estimated costs, frequency and duration.

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Expert Witness for Economic Damages

We can serve as an economic expert witness for legal cases in a variety of industries:

  • Oil drilling / oil rig accidents
  • Refinery accidents
  • Mining accidents
  • Farm and ranch accidents
  • Medical malpractice claims
  • Tourism accidents
  • Skiing / Snowboarding accidents
  • Personal injury and car accident claims
  • Employment disputes
  • Business valuation
  • Calculating lost profits
  • Real estate valuation

Contact The Knowles Group for a complimentary case evaluation today. We will work efficiently to clarify the magnitude of your case’s economic damages and help determine a clear path forward for litigation.