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Spokane Washington Forensic Economist

As forensic economists, we provide economic analysis & expert testimony services for clients in Spokane and throughout Washington

Since 1979, The Knowles Group has worked on behalf of thousands of attorneys to provide economic analysis and expert testimony in federal and state venues. We’re proud to serve as litigation consultants for both plaintiffs and defendants alike throughout the state of Washington. We look forward to many years of continued growth through Washington as we continue to prove ourselves as one of the leading forensic economic firms in the Pacific Northwest.

Washington State Economic Consulting

The Knowles Group, based in Seattle, WA, has decades of experience working as forensic economics consultants throughout Washington State. Our valuation and damage analyses have strengthened litigation cases nationwide. We can travel to any courthouse in Spokane or throughout Washington as expert witnesses. Contact The Knowles Group for pre-trial litigation consulting, economic damage calculations, and business valuation services today.

Legal Cases We’ve Worked On In Eastern Washington

The Knowles Group is here to serve your firm as a trusted litigation consulting partner for legal cases in Spokane, WA. Our established network of expert witnesses and legal resources will help to calculate and prove economic damages for your claim, upon request.

Loss of earnings as a result of school dismissal of student

Loss of earnings as a result of school dismissal of student

My analysis included projecting the plaintiff’s future earnings after finishing her graduate program with the rest of her class and ultimately entering the workforce. These pre-incident earnings were then compared to the plaintiff’s mitigating earnings correlating with a bachelor’s degree. The present value of lost future earnings required two specific statistical work-life expectancies (by education), the plaintiff’s average earnings for her future vocation, and the average earnings for a female with a bachelor’s degree (Bureau of Labor Statistics). In addition to this calculated loss of earnings, a loss component for the loss of employer contributions to the plaintiff’s defined contribution plan (401(k)) was also presented.

Business Interruption Loss of Long-Haul trucking company due to Product Liability and Negligent Misrepresentation

Business Interruption Loss of Long-Haul trucking company due to Product Liability and Negligent Misrepresentation

My analysis included projecting lost hauling revenues and variable expenses for the time period when plaintiff’s Semi-Truck and Trailer were inoperable due to transmission malfunction. Calculated trending monthly long-haul revenues and expenses from past monthly profit & loss statements from the trucking business. In addition to lost business, developed components of loss for increased cost of labor (hired 3rd party to haul contracted goods), repairs, and lost contract for one of the company’s biggest clients.

Family residence foreclosure due to attorney malpractice/negligence

Family residence foreclosure due to attorney malpractice/negligence

My analysis included calculating the lost equity value in a family’s home that was lost at foreclosure as a result of attorney malpractice. Damages were calculated utilizing proposed mortgage interest rates, the growth of equity value in the family’s home over time and deducted projected future mortgage principal and interest payments. The calculated awarded economic damages were compared to current real estate market to answer the question whether the family could purchase a similar home in a similar community with a similar monthly mortgage payment.

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Expert Witness for Economic Damages

Our economic expert witness testimony is available for legal cases in a variety of industries:

  • Farming / agricultural accidents
  • Food processing accidents
  • Logging accidents
  • Mining accidents
  • Medical malpractice claims (including birth injuries)
  • Car accident & personal injury claims
  • Tourism accidents
  • Employment dispute claims
  • Business valuation
  • Calculating lost profits
  • Real estate valuation

Contact The Knowles Group for a free consultation and case evaluation. We will determine the extent of damages to provide a clear path forward quickly and efficiently.