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Economic Expert Witness Services

We provide economic expert witness testimony for state and federal court cases.

When it comes to hiring a forensic economic expert witness, it’s essential to choose an experienced firm that has a proven track record. At the Knowles Group, we specialize in helping our clients determine past and future economic loss estimates with regards to compensation, business income, household services, and medical care costs.

We’re different in that we provide our expert economic testimony services to all members of the bar regardless of their representation. We’ve also testified in both state and federal venues in many different states. Our 30 years of experience enables us to offer expert economic research, statistical analysis, and trial testimony for our clients at a level unsurpassed by our counterparts.

We have both the experience and ability to successfully present complex economic procedures and conclusions in formats that are understandable to the non-economic community. This helps ensure that our testimony has the maximum impact possible.

What is an Economic Expert Witness?

An economic expert witness helps to support legal cases by providing key testimony regarding economic and financial loss. They typically have advanced education and experience in forensic economics. An expert will typically conduct economic analysis, damage calculations, author opinions, consult with attorneys to provide litigation support, and testify during legal trials.

Hiring an experienced and capable economic expert is critical to proving loss and damages during trial. Their job often involves explaining complex theory in a language that the average juror can understand. They use objective data and advanced statistical techniques when assessing economic damages to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the calculations are reasonable.

Economic Expert Witness Services

The Knowles Group has over 30 years of experience providing litigation support and expert witness testimony. We have testified and consulted on numerous cases, both for the defense and plaintiff. Some of the services we provide include:

  • Asserting and refuting economic damages
  • Business valuation
  • Labor economics & wage disputes
  • Determining lost profits
  • Litigation support services
  • Preparation for opposing expert deposition and trial
  • Trial preparation
  • Trial testimony

Economic Damages Calculation

We have the financial knowledge and experience required to work on complex financial disputes. Forensic economics can offer more reasonable calculations than forensic accounting. As an economics expert, we can analyze a multitude of factors that are beyond the scope of accountants. Examples include unemployment, supply and demand of vocations, life expectancy, taxes, expected raises, and time value of money. This means loss and valuation calculations will go further in proving your case.

Trial Preparation & Consulting

It’s critical to select an expert witness that can provide advice based on past cases and experience. We use our extensive background to offer invaluable litigation support, prepare exhibits, and produce questions for use in testimony and cross examination.

Trial Expert Testimony

When you hire an economic expert witness, it’s critical that you select someone who can provide expert witness testimony at trial. The reputation, expertise, and communication skills of the expert you choose are critical to winning your case. When you start an engagement with The Knowles Group, you can be confident that you’ve chosen an expert that you can rely on during trial.

Do you need economic expert witness testimony for your case?

Types of Cases We Can Support

We have provided expert witness services in a variety of complex litigation cases including:

Why Work with the Knowles Group?

At the Knowles Group, we can help determine if a party has suffered economic damages and provide our expert opinions on future lost capacity. We have over 30 years of experience and understand the importance of being able to assess the earnings potential of a business or person accurately.

We retrieve from a wide range of accepted sources and supplement that with other expert opinions and assumptions to create an accurate pre- and post-incident financial picture of an individual or organization. Give us a call today at (206) 860-9477 or contact us via our website to learn more about our expert witness testimony services.