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Expert Witness Testimony

We provide expert witness testimony for state and federal legal cases.

When it comes to hiring a forensic economic expert witness, it’s essential to choose an experienced firm that has a proven track record. At the Knowles Group, we specialize in helping our clients determine past and future economic loss estimates with regards to compensation, business income, household services, and medical care costs.

We’re different in that we provide our expert testimony services to all members of the bar regardless of their representation. We’ve also testified in both state and federal venues in many different states. Our 30 years of experience enables us to offer expert advice and testimony for our clients at a level unsurpassed by our counterparts.

We have both the experience and ability to successfully present complex economic procedures and conclusions in formats that are understandable to the non-economic community.  This helps ensure that our testimony has the maximum impact possible.

What is an Expert Witness?

An expert witness is someone who has a particular skill set, knowledge, and proficiency in a specific field that allows them to testify at a deposition or in a court of law. Their opinions are held in high regard and in many cases can help bolster the argument of the plaintiff or defense.

There are many different types of expert witnesses, some of which include:

Forensic Economic Witness

The job of a forensic economic witness is to assess and calculate economic damages both past and future.  They can also:

•    Evaluate business income.

•    Assess and analyze the opposing economist’s opinions and testimony.

•    Recommend strategies for depositions and cross-examinations.

•    Provide expert witness testimony in a deposition or court.

Forensic economists are also responsible for taking highly complex financial issues and breaking them down into terms and concepts that the average person can easily understand. They are an invaluable asset to both plaintiffs and defense in matters that require damage assessments.

Medical Expert Witness

A medical expert witness is usually a doctor, nurse, or other highly trained professional with a medical degree. The vast majority of cases they testify in deal with personal injury or medical malpractice.

A medical expert witness can help a jury understand the pain and suffering a person is going through or provide an opinion as to whether or not the plaintiff will ever recover. They can also testify in homicide cases where it’s important to understand the medical facts surrounding the death of an individual.

Forensic Psychologist Expert Witness

A forensic psychologist is a subset of an expert medical witness. They are typically a licensed and trained psychologist who has experience applying psychological knowledge to legal matters.

For example, a forensic psychologist can help determine if a car accident victim has Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or mental health issues. There are many different kinds of forensic psychologists who work in such specialized fields as:

•    Elder abuse

•    Worker’s compensation

•    Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) evaluations

•    Military mental trauma (PTSD)

Forensic psychologists can also help with jury selection, preparing witnesses, and risk-appraisals. In cases where severe bodily injury has occurred, such as head trauma, a forensic psychologist can provide an expert opinion on the current and future psychological state of the injured party.

Financial Expert Witness

Forensic accountants look at the finances of a person or business to determine the flow of money. For example, they can be brought in to testify in a tax case, or a divorce case where one spouse suspects their ex-partner of hiding money.

They can also assist the probate court in determining the actual value of such property as stamp collections, jewelry, art, and even antiques. A forensic accountant is different from a forensic economist in that the accountant does not carry the requisite base of economic theory to opine on matters that pertain to earnings capacity or present value, for example.

Construction Expert Witness Testimony

Construction claims are often complex in nature, and expert witnesses are called in to not only assess the engineering and construction aspect, but the financial and economic impacts as well.

They can testify and provide expert opinions on:

•    Damage evaluations

•    Arbitration support

•    Damage analysis

•    Economic analysis

•    Claims evaluations

Engineering Expert Witness

Engineering expert witnesses are usually licensed engineers who can help with risk assessments, safety analysis, design reviews, and anything that pertains to engineering.

There are many different sub-disciplines of engineering experts such as commercial buildings, infrastructure (bridges and highways), and even piping and fluid systems to name just a few.

Engineering expert witnesses will often work closely with construction expert witnesses to help determine fault, safety, or whether a contract has been breached.

Do you need an expert witness testimony for your case?

When is an Expert Witness Required?

Expert witnesses are essential to both plaintiff and defense when it comes to disputes and legal matters. They are critical in the development and preparation of the case and can help introduce evidence that will bolster the arguments of their clients.

Generally speaking, expert witnesses are required in legal matters that require “scientific, technical or specialized knowledge.” For example, a lay person cannot provide expert testimony on matters about economic damages unless they were specially trained and licensed in such issues.

Expert witnesses are not required in areas where common sense, facts, or logic can easily be applied. Testimony from experts also cannot be used to determine the credibility of a witness, legal conclusions, or statutory interpretations.

Why Work with the Knowles Group?

At the Knowles Group, we can help determine if a party has suffered economic damages and provide our expert opinions on future income potential. We have over ten years of experience and understand the importance of being able to assess the earnings potential of a business or person accurately.

We retrieve from a wide range of accepted sources and supplement that with other expert opinions and assumptions to create an accurate pre, during, and post-incident financial picture of an individual or organization. Give us a call today at (206) 860-9477 or contact us via our website to learn more about our expert witness testimony services.