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Business Loss & Valuation

We provide expert witness testimony in business loss and business valuation cases.

We will get to know even the most niche of markets as we uncover the economic supply and demand of the business. As an expert business loss witness and business valuation witness, we think on our feet and can dispute our counterpart’s assertions and explain in easy-to-understand terms why we feel that the opposing expert opinions are incorrect, exaggerated, or unsubstantiated.

This is what sets The Knowles Group apart. Our decades of experience have given us the unique ability to not only provide expert opinions based upon scientific economic principles but convincingly testify in a court of law. We’re familiar with many experts in various fields and have strategies and counter-strategies that we can use to make our testimony more credible.

Forensic Auditing

As expert forensic auditors, we’ll look at every financial aspect of your business. We’ll review specifics concerning expense items, income, and partnerships to paint an accurate financial picture of both the company and the partners themselves.

We use a wide variety of forensic audit methods to accomplish this. From depositions and court documents to public records such as federal income tax returns, business valuation resources, and partnership agreements, we’ll determine the facts and then write our expert opinions and possibly offer compelling deposition testimony.

One of our many strong suits is our ability to rapidly analyze opposing expert opinions in a case and then offer an explanation to our clients as to why those viewpoints are flawed. Our counterparts could be offering subjective opinions that lack an objective outlook, which in turn is nothing more than an unqualified opinion.

Calculating Damages

Calculating damages may seem pretty straight-forward. You take the total compensation the injured party would have earned if the incident had not occurred and then offset by the income that they could expect to receive during mitigation.

Calculating damages in employment discrimination cases is often much more complicated than that. The length of employment, basis for earnings at the time of separation, and anticipated income growth rate all added up can be subjective depending on who’s looking at it.

This is where a forensic economist can shed light on how to best calculate damages. They have the means and ability to intelligently compile an economic damage assessment and can explain the assumptions made from such variables as anticipated income growth rate and future income loss.

Does your case need a business loss expert witness?

Types of Business Loss Expert Witnesses

A business loss expert witness is a credentialed professional who has a particular skill-set or expert knowledge in their field. They’re invaluable for both plaintiff and defense as they can help bolster a case or argument by providing expert opinions on various subject matters. Some types of business expert witnesses can include:

Forensic Economist

A forensic economist expert witness can help assess many economic aspects such as business interruption and business opportunity losses or breach of contract claim damages. They can also thoroughly and accurately determine the earnings potential of an individual or business valuation. While the processes for this vary from case to case, a rough outline is as follows:

  • Records review – We will review the file, including documents such as earnings history, W2 statements, Social Security Administration, federal/state tax returns, state unemployment, and payroll records, to name just a few.
  • Earnings capacity – From the records review, we can develop intelligent insights into the income potential of the individual or business as we figure out the damages that they sustained.
  • Profit and Loss Calculations – For P&L calculations, we consider both past and future income. Based upon the available pre-incident records, we can come up with an accurate figure in today’s dollars with regards to the loss of earnings of the individual or business.

Regulatory Compliance Expert Witness

A regulatory expert witness is an expert in the rules and regulations that apply to a specific field, such as the stock market or banking. Or they could be experts inh regulatory agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Many of these expert witnesses used to work at the respective government agencies, thereby giving them intricate expert knowledge on their subject matter.

Patent Expert Witnesses

In the field of business patent law, there is a strong need for patent expert witnesses. If a case involving patents on a complicated subject matter goes to a jury trial, a patent expert witness can help explain the terms, ideas, and concepts, into easy-to-understand layman’s terms.

Construction Expert Witnesses

A construction expert witness is someone who has extensive knowledge, experience, and credentials in the construction industry. They offer expert testimony in construction law cases that deal with codes and compliance, construction defects, building delays, and construction costs, to name a few.

Sometimes construction expert witnesses will be paired up with an engineer expert witness. They can explain complicated engineering concepts in layman’s terms, and also help refute the opinions of the opposing sides of expert witnesses.

Airline Expert Witnesses

Airline expert witnesses are especially useful in cases where airlines have crashed, or airline parts (engines, electronics, computers) are defective. They can help attorneys shed light on complicated aeronautical issues which help strengthen their cases.

Expert Forensic Economist Witness

Having an expert forensic economist witness on your side is invaluable when it comes to legal cases involving business or employment. We can help accurately assess both individual and business losses, determine future income loss, as well as valuate businesses.

At The Knowles Group, we have over ten years of experience helping plaintiffs and defense construct an accurate economic picture of past, and post-incident financials and losses. Our services can help bolster your arguments and explain complex economic theories in easy-to-understand layman’s terms.

If you’d like to speak to one of our expert forensic economists, give us a call at (206) 860-9477 or contact us via our website.