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The Knowles Group has been providing professional economic services to the legal community since 1979.    The firm has worked on behalf of thousands of attorneys in a dozen states and Canada.  Testimony has been provided in both federal and state venues.

Examples of some of the specific services offered by this firm are the development of past and future economic loss estimates in the areas of compensation, business loss, and medical care costs.  Given the experience level of the company, efficient insights regarding alternative economic loss scenarios are readily provided to our clients.

The Knowles Group reviews all available documents, accomplishes the necessary economy research, and provides conclusions on potential economic loss in spreadsheet and or report narratives. Typically, these results are then presented in deposition or trial testimony.  Historically, the firm has provided its services to all members of the bar regardless of their representation.

The firm specializes in successfully presenting relatively complex economic procedures and conclusions in formats that are understandable to the non-economic community.