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Seattle Washington Forensic Economist

We provide economic expert witness testimony & damage calculation services for legal cases in Puget Sound and throughout Washington State

The Knowles Group started out providing economic analysis for defense clients and continues to do so 35 years later. We also support plaintiff clients, but our focus remains on defense cases, particularly with the U.S. Government and entities in Washington. We are proud to be one of the leading economic litigation support firms in the Pacific Northwest and look forward to continuing to serve clients in Puget Sound.

Forensic Economic Consulting Services

The Knowles Group has been working on legal cases in the Puget Sound area for many years. We are based in Edmonds, WA and can provide preliminary damages estimates and case evaluations through records review remotely. We are also able to assist with damage calculations virtually, such as loss of earnings and lost profits, as well as other forensic analyses. In addition, we can travel to any part of Washington State to serve as an expert witness at trial. We offer pre-trial litigation consulting and support on-site in Seattle as well.

Do you need litigation support in Seattle? 

Expert Witness for Economic Damages

We can provide expert economic witness testimony for legal cases in a range of industries:

  • Commercial fishing accidents
  • Boating accidents
  • Farming / agricultural accidents
  • Logging accidents
  • Mining accidents
  • Oil drilling / oil rig accidents
  • Tourism accidents
  • Medical malpractice claims
  • Business valuation
  • Real estate valuation
  • Calculating lost profits

Contact The Knowles Group for a free case evaluation. We can quickly assess the extent of damages and offer a clear plan for litigation.