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Child Abuse & Neglect Economic Expert

We provide financial expert damage calculations in child abuse and neglect cases

The Knowles Group specializes in determining economic and non-economic damages, for plaintiffs and defendants, in child abuse and neglect cases. Using state and federal guidelines and our 30 years of experience, we provide damage calculations based on historical data to demonstrate the actual economic impact of a particular case.

When analyzing child abuse and neglect cases, we offer our expert opinion regarding future loss of earnings, fringe benefits, lost earning capacity, future cost of care, and other factors. We work closely with other professionals such as vocational experts, life care planners, and psychological forensics to ensure our reports are highly accurate and informed to provide the greatest level of support possible to our clients and their unique cases.

We can determine economic damages resulting from child abuse

Cases concerning child abuse and neglect present the complicated type of economic damages we specialize in determining. When evaluating the economic damages of adult cases, the plaintiff’s education and employment history provide the information required to determine accurate calculations. This history isn’t available for obvious reasons when the plaintiff is a child. Therefore, child abuse cases require a much higher level of investigation to determine the future economic implications of the abuse or neglect in dispute. Fortunately, we understand this process profoundly and collaborate with our network of expert witnesses to assist us in accurately determining economic damages.

Cases of abuse and neglect in foster care

While abuse and neglect cases against biological parents certainly occur, the defendants are often foster parents or adults working in a foster home. In these cases, we must understand how the child became a ward of the state and the circumstances surrounding the child’s familial background. This information allows us to better understand the child’s future earnings, future earning capacity, and future cost of care if the abuse or neglect hadn’t occurred. 

Damages in Child Abuse Cases

The damages incurred in child abuse cases, both economic and non-economic, can be significant. In cases involving physical abuse, we must evaluate short and long-term medical needs and all future care costs. In all abuse and neglect cases, whether physical or not, pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment, and cost of psychological and mental health care can be some of the most significant damages. Additionally, we must understand the child’s future loss of productivity, including future loss of earning capacity, loss of earnings, and loss of fringe benefits such as health care.

Future Loss of Earnings Capacity

Determining a child’s future loss of earning capacity can be one of the more difficult damages to assess. Since the child has yet to enter the labor force, and therefore has zero earning history, future earnings are considered to directly correlate with the estimated level of future education. We begin by understanding the child’s current level of education and their academic progression up to the point of subject events, along with the level of education of their biological parents. Then, through consultation with vocational experts, life planners, and psychological forensics professionals, we estimate the child’s potential educational attainments had the event(s) never occurred. We compare those to the level of education the child will likely attain in reality. Then, we can begin to determine any future loss of earning capacity through this comparison.

Future Cost of Care

Another important damage category to consider is the future cost of care for the child in question. Examples of the future cost of care include therapy, medications, and educational expenses. Often, when a child has experienced abuse or neglect, they require special academic attention in the future. Future cost of care calculations is another area where we work alongside experts such as professional life care planners. Their expertise allows us to provide accurate and detailed information regarding these potential damages.

Does your child abuse legal case need a forensic economist?

Expert Witness Services for Child Abuse & Neglect

In addition to our expert damage calculations, The Knowles Group is available to provide our expert witness testimony services for child abuse and neglect cases. Our extensive experience allows us to present complex economic research and statistical analysis in terms easily understood by the non-economic community, such as judges, attorneys, and jury members. In doing so, we ensure that our testimony has the maximum positive impact possible on our clients and the outcome of their case. Call us today to begin your case consultation.

Child Abuse & Neglect Cases We’ve Worked On

Loss of future earnings capacity and life care services as a result of childhood abuse

Loss of future earnings capacity and life care services as a result of childhood abuse

My analysis included projected earnings sourced from the age earnings data correlating to probable educational attainments from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Differing loss scenarios by educational outcomes had the abuse not occurred during childhood. The foundation for mitigating earnings was from the opinions of another expert who evaluated the plaintiff and placed future earnings constraints at no more than minimum wage. Damages also included loss components for health insurance (to be provided through employer) and a loss of pension contributions (defined contribution plan) from future employers. Finally, my office provided the present value of all future care needs for the plaintiff as a result of the abuse.